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Pixelyzer is the new home pixel related articles, worksheets and calculators developed over the years by Concho Software. We'll be consolidating all of these items here over the course of the coming months and invite you to return often to see what's new

Can You See a Pixel?   Click here to reveal an image measuring 400 pixels square with a single yellow pixel illuminated at the very center. Use a loupe or magnifier to examine the yellow pixel.

Depending on the type and quality of your display, the pixel may appear crisp and sharply defined or somewhat blurred. Keep in mind that typical displays use a combination of Red Green and Blue to create primary colors. The subject pixel will actually require both a Red and Green segment to produce yellow.

Pixels to Inches

During the past 8 years well over a million people have visited our discussion and explanation of the relationship of pixels to various units of measure. Our latest version of this calculator has been updated to include newer devices such a smart phones, tablets and large Screen TVs. Click Here

Inches to Pixels

The reverse of the calculator above, this one accepts measurements in Inches or centimeters and returns the number of pixels that will be output. Click Here

Pixel Basics

Some observations and an excercise to help explain the concept of "Pixel" Click Here

Display Analyzer

More help with pixels as they relate to your PC display. Your PC display is queried for it's resolution. The report includes a determination of the Pixel Density plus a calibration image. Click Here

Pixels in Phones and Tablets

Display resolution is important in smart devices, but, because the physical size is reduced, it's not as easy to compare smart phones and tablets as you might think. Click Here to read more

Is Bigger Better?

A large physical size, or extreme resolution and pixel density may not always be be the right choice Click Here

NEW! Q&A from users

On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 6:29 PM, rcbridge wrote:
Subject: Question/Comment for the webmaster at pixelyzer.com
For video if you are displaying 1080i are the total number of pixels constant for any size screen are the pixels just larger or more of them?
The specification calls for 1920 X 1080 pixels. In practice, many displays average the matrix up or down to match the native resolution of the device. And, yes, 1080i can display on physical devices anywhere from 4 in to 72in ETC. obviously, the size and spacing (pixel density) will vary according to the physical size being observed.

On larger devices, individual pixels are quite apparent when you are near the screen. Conversely, If there are dead pixels on a hand-held device, it would be hard to tell because the individual points of light are so tiny.